Download our desktop application"Desktop App" and enjoy communication with site members without even opening your web-browser.
This application requires the Adobe� AIR�runtime to be installed for Mac OS or Windows.

Do you have items you want to sell
or a service to offer?
A virtual greeter is not only one of the best ways to catch the attention of visitors to your website, it also:

    * Promotes your products or services.
    * Make your web site more personable.
    * Greet and guide your web site visitors around your site.
    * Point out key areas of your web site.
    * Retain web site visitors longer.
    * Increase online sales
Empower your website with a virtual spokesperson
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If it's Video, We are A1

Radio 4 U
We will deliver stunning visual effects on your
movie,music video,commercial and documentary
with the industries leading softwares and technology
at a price to fit any budget